Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Fusion World Cuisine

A year ago, I visited Portland and Seattle.  In Portland I had an amazing raw pizza at Blossoming Lotus.  The Vegan Fusion World Cuisine cookbook actually has many of their recipes including a version of this entree.

The raw pizza is a little intensive to make as you need to mix up and dehydrate the crust, then make the nut cheese and lastly prepare the sauce. With some left over Baja Cheese from the tacos last week, I opted use that and save some prep time. The cheese has a green tint in the picture because there is a ton of cilantro in the Baja.

One interesting thing about the crust recipe is they suggest spreading the batter 1/2 inch thick in the dehydrator.  My memory of the dish was a very thin crust, so I modified it went with 1/4".  This worked well, but next time I will probably cut it down to 1/8".  The Live Sauce recipe is delicious and I never would have guessed that some grated beets are a secret ingredient.  They probably help make the vibrant red color of the raw sauce.  All in all, I was pretty happy with this recipe and am looking forward to trying others from this book which is full of beautiful pictures.  Expect about 50% raw vs cooked dishes with this title.

 Live Greek Pizza: devoured quickly with the spinach on top!

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  1. This will not be helpful in your journey to cure yourself of the addiction (I can completely relate) but these authors have also written the 30 minute vegan and the Idiot's Guide to Eating Raw and they are both fabulous!!! I already had their other two books (the ones you mention above) but I'm really glad I picked up the newer titles. Their recipe for raw cinnamon buns is pretty fantastic and super fast.