Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vegan Soul Kitchen

On a trip to Seattle/Portland, a friend and I went to a great soul food restaurant called Hillside Quickies.  The food was awesome and it makes me sad that we don't have anything like that in my local area.  This is why I was so happy to see Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen.

When visiting a friend and her family, we opted to try the Tempeh Stuffed Pepper recipe.  Since I wasn't sure they would like tempeh, we ended up subbing burger crumbles.  This recipe was flavorful and relatively simple to mix up.   It was also a hit with everyone.  Next time I'll make it with tempeh.

Our dinner plate with the pepper, corn, and beets

 And here is the pan full of peppers

Upcoming: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

Monday, November 2, 2009

1,000 Vegan Recipes

I've been leafing through this monstrous hardcover book, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, trying to figure out what  to make first.  It ended being more of an issue of which ingredients needed to be used sooner.  My fridge is filled with eggplant from the last CSA share.

Eggplant paprikash was the solution.  A required ingredient is sour cream which is also in the book.  Two recipes for the price of one.

The sour cream was tangy and simple to make.  Just toss a bunch of ingredients in the blender and voila!   Paprikash was a bit more involved, but the end product was good.

Unfortunately, try as I might, I'm just not an eggplant fan.  No eggplant dish has managed to wow me.  Any suggestions from the readers out there?

Upcoming: Vegan Soul Kitchen